Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Be the GOOD!!

It's been a strange week for sure. There has been a tremendous amount of tragedy and negative happenings globally in the news this week. Monday was a tough one not only because of the tragedy in the news but a friend of mine suddenly lost his life at age 46. It had been a couple of years since I had seen him or spoken to him. But during the time where we interacted in each others lives, he made a huge impression on me and I always admired him. And he passed away on Monday and that made me tremendously sad.   I found myself going to a dark place and focusing on negative things. And for me that is NOT who I am. I AM THE SUNSHINE TOKER for goodness sake! So I started looking for things to help remind me where I am at my best. That is in a world of celebrating the good; and in a state of gratitude and belief. So that's exactly what I did. And I came across an awesome Etsy store listing that just summarized what I needed to focus on. And it helped me tremendously. That store is JackandJillyDesigns. They had a beautiful printed sign that summed up where I needed to be mentally to get past all of the negative in the news and honor my sweet friend who lost his life. 

Something about this very simple statement seemed to to just really help me create some clarity.  What I have come to realize is that while there will always be negative things in this life...a true belief in the good will quickly make the bad seem so small.  And if you take a moment to really open your eyes to see the good, it is amazing how quickly the good things start to mount up and the good will always far out-weigh the bad.  My friend was good.  He was honorable, and of our friends described him as one of the "good-guys".  The sign describes him through and through.  I choose to celebrate the good that he brought into this world.  Katie Ryan at JackandJillyDesigns did an incredible job reminding me this week where my focus needs to be. Thank you Katie, you didn't even realize the impact you were making!!
I also purchased a book recently, that I finally opened up today that was a great measure to put Katie's quote to the test.  I bought this book from Anthropologie called "One Good Deed a Day".  I thought it was pretty and I thought it would be a fun experiment to try and make tiny impactful moments in people's day while doing a little good along the way. And honestly there are some great ideas in here. 

They also suggested: cooking dinner for your roommate, or neighbor or friend.  Add money to an expired meter.  Talk about what you are grateful for...that's a powerful one!!  Become an organ donor.  Leave a BIG tip.  Leave your change in the vending machine for the next person to find.  Leave a nice comment on your friend's blog, Facebook wall, or Twitter feed.  These are just a few of MANY to choose from.  But I can't help but think that doing just one of these things ties us back to Katie's sign..BE THE GOOD!  When you are the impact people.  When you are the help to erase the bad.  When you are the create, and ultimately leave a legacy.  

Katie at JackandJillyDesigns would like to invite you to "LIKE" her Facebook Page. And when you do, you will be entered in to win a *FREE PRINTABLE*!! She will announce the winner on her Facebook Page! Thank you Katie for sharing this with The Sunshine Toker readers!!  And to tie that in with all of the GOOD we are celebrating today, if you like my Sunshine Toker Facebook Page or leave a comment I will do a drawing for a copy of the book "One Good Deed a Day" for you to pay it forward and do some GOOD too!!

P.S. - I did want to share a quick article about my friend so you too can see what made him so special to everyone he met...Remembering Scott Adams.  A Memorial Tribute to Scott Adams
Be the Good!

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Julia Terpstra said...

I love this sign... I went and liked their facebook page. So sorry about your friend. When this earth loses one of the "good guys" it is always so much heavier to take. Chin up, buttercup.. I think you do such a good job being the GOOD. xoxo jules