Monday, September 16, 2013

Cheese rolls that make me cry!

By day I am a sale manager covering the middle part if Atlanta all the way down to Alabama. So I am sure you can guess that I spend a lot of time on the road and a lot of time in and out of different southern small towns. My sales rep that covers Macon, GA had been telling me about this secret little hole in the wall restaurant located off of Mulberry Street in downtown Macon, called Tokyo Alley. She said that I would never see Asian food the same. Now in my head I am totally thinking of food court Asian food and how it's only good if I'm in the mood for some salt and MSG. After some convincing, i finally said okay lets go. All i can say is was I WRONG.

The walk to the restaurant was fun in itself as downtown in Macon, GA is a treat anyway.  When you park, you are simply stepping back in time to a day where things were a little less fast paced and the downtown existence was everything for this part of middle Georgia. 

You know you are somewhere special when you see this place. Nestled away in an old brick building the outside is inviting  you in with an awning and flowers adorning the front entrance. And when you come inside, it is a tiny little place, brimming with mid-day breakers enjoying a bit of Asian cuisine and getting away from the office. And there seems to be two items specifically that everyone has come for. For starters you can't leave without trying the Cheese Rolls. I have never had anything like this before. Cream cheese, fresh herbs and crab all wrapped up in a fried shell. These are not Crab Rangoon's by any means. They are sweet and tangy. And served with a red pepper flake sweet and sour sauce. They made me want to cry. They made me want to order ten more and eat them by myself. They made me apologize to my friend Stacey for ever doubting her lunch recommendation. They were amazing. 

But wait there's more. The second item them seemed to be a staple on each diners plate was the noodle salad. I ordered orange chicken with a double order of noodle salad. I did this because Stacey did...and it turns out she knew what she was doing. This was old hat to her.  You order double noodles because who needs rice when this pile of yummy is on your plate!  

This noodle salad is served cold. It has a sweet dressing with fresh celery and pepper. I have no idea how they made the dressing. All I can say is oh my word is it good. Coupled with the cheese role I was in heaven. This place is reasonably priced, great service, well known with the locals and worth the time and money to visit. I will be making it a requirement to stop and eat here when I am in the field with Stacey moving forward. And I will consider it a treat when I get to go again!   Please share with me if you have ever been here. What is YOUR favorite menu item?

P.S. Tokyo Alley is located at 574 Mulberry Street Lane, Macon, GA 31201 

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Anonymous said...

That looks great,always looking for something "different" on the road between Atlanta and Saint Simons. And Macon is a fun day trip!!