Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tupperware and Pyrex!

They old saying goes "everything old is new again"...I can say I have seen this cycle come around several times in my life.  Examples of this that I am sure you all can relate too would be Converse All-Stars.  Hand's down one of my favorite shoes ever.  I got my first pair in the 7th grade.  They were royal blue high tops.  I loved them.  I kissed Andrew Donaldson behind the bus at Booker T. Washington 7th grade center and he and I BOTH were wearing out Chuck Taylor's.  His were canary yellow.  Today, I still have a pair and so does my 17 year old daughter!!  As a matter of fact, she has three or four pairs.  Here's another fun one...Volkswagen Beetles.  My parents had one in the 1970's that they nicknamed Bo-Bo.  My daughter's first car was a Volkswagen Beetle convertible (affectionately renamed Bo-Bo), and now my husband has one that he just purchased we have named Beetle Bailey.  What is old is new again! 


As I have shared with everyone, I have recently opened up an Etsy store, The Sunshine Toker, and my major focus is items that are old...but seen as new again.  There are two items specifically that I am the most tickled about people loving, collecting and using again in their kitchens.  Who can't forget the wonderful world of Tupperware and Pyrex for the authentically vintage kitchen??  Well, folks, for those of you that may not know it...vintage Tupperware AND vintage Pyrex dishes are not only a raging hot listing on Etsy.com, but they are also very, very collectible!  There are people that collect large quantities of each of these and use them and display them for all of their vintage beauty.

Here are just a few examples of some vintage Pyrex and Tupperware items I have listed in my store and some items you may want to check out from other Etsy sellers, fellow bloggers and Pinterest Posts:

All of the above are listed for sale on The Sunshine Toker's Etsy Store. 

Check out these awesome pictures of people's Pyrex and Tupperware Collections pulled from Etsy sellers and Pinterest:




Would you ever believe that you could have such an awesome collection of pretty from vintage Tupperware and Pyrex dishes??  They are just gorgeous to display and folks they hold some value as well!  So take a minute, go through your cupboards, go through your mommas cabinets, your mother in law's kitchen drawers and see what you can come up with.  You may just find that you have your OWN little collection of these awesome little gems to display in your vintage kitchen!! 

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Matt said...

It's always interesting see the vintage/antique Pyrex finds! Keep up the cool stuff.